Sunday, May 29, 2011

Football wha?

Football. I don't get it. I just don't.

Yes, I do enjoy watching hot men running around in shorts chasing a ball, and maybe I do wait for some goals to be scored (only because I'm hoping that one of the hot guys takes his shirt off), but the sport by itself just doesn't excite me. Not one bit.

It's not that I don't get ANY sport because I'm a girl. I get cricket. I completely do. I've grown up on cricket. I've played cricket with the neighbourhood boys. I've idolized Sachin Tendulkar. And my happiest day ever was when we the Indian cricket team lifted the 2011 World Cup. Hell, we all know cricket. But what on earth is with football?

My friends have tried to get me watch it. I've usually fallen asleep in the first ten minutes. 22 men on field continuing to chase and kick a ball for ninety minutes is monotonous, and after forty five seconds, honestly, a little frustrating. More than the game though, it's the sycophancy I fail to get. More specifically, the Indian fanatics.

To cheer for your country/state's sports team, I completely understand; but to be an avid supporter for a team that is completely from another continent sounds nonsensical to me. One of my closest friends is a die-hard supporter of Real Madrid. And his loyalty takes sycophancy to new levels altogether. If Madrid loses any match, he would be upset the entire day, and pretend like the match never happened. If I were to ever mention that I liked Barcelona, he would stop talking to me altogether. And he always talks about the team as if he were a part of it - "'We' played well last night, 'We' will defeat Barca, 'We' are the best football club in the world." Seriously?

I had another friend throw a huge party last night to watch the Manchester United vs Barcelona match. I politely refused. I mean, who cares??? I'm not from either Manchester or Barcelona, I do not like football and I find it ridiculous that you're making me watch a match that begins at midnight! And most importantly, I have an important IPL finale of CSK vs RCB to watch, thank you very much. Wait, aren't you supposed to be watching that match, Mr. Bangalorean? So much for loyalties. Hmph.

And it doesn't stop there. When I check my Facebook home page the next day, the feed is infested with posts and status updates of whiny Man Utd supporters who are explaining why 'they' lost and how Barca cheated, while Barca supporters are gloating 'their' victory. To save myself from this torture, I rolled my eyes and signed out.

Now, see, it's not football I'm against. It's the fawning obsequiousness by crazy Indian supporters of a team from a completely different continent that I find mind-boggling. Why does it matter who is supporting which team, boys? Or which team wins? Why don't you step out yourself and play some real football? Remember, women find men the sexiest when they're playing football. And well, the un-sexiest when they're watching it. Bleh.

P.S. And um, excuse the picture. It's the only thing I understand in football.


ak5 said...

Hey, you don't select the club, the club selects you (in an inexplicable sorta way) !

S!D said...

Sexy post dude!! Haha awesome! You'll never find these guys cheering for Indian football.

Zach George said...

I can perfectly empathize ..the same reason why I enjoy watching girls play beach ball :P

But on football..I don't quite agree. The geographical location of the team should not affect the loyalties of a fan of football,i.e, if u really love the game.

-A ManU Fan who do play football :)

Unknown said...

"Why don't you step out yourself and play some real football? Remember, women find men the sexiest when they're playing football. And well, the un-sexiest when they're watching it. Bleh."

May I point out that not everything one does is to attract the attention of the opposite sex. :-) I guess you've made the same point elsewhere with the genders reversed!

Agratha Dinakaran said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment.
Yes, you're absolutely correct, and I stand corrected.
This post was written 3 years back, and I guess my thinking also was way different than what it is today. If anything, I can only apologize for being young and silly enough to write this untruth. :)

Unknown said...

Oh I was browsing through your blog and didn't notice the date. Thanks for the response Agratha!


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