Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Bangalore's party scene welcomes a change - no, we still close at 11:30, but we do have a new police commissioner Jyothi Prakash Mirji replacing Shankar Bidari, who seems amiable to the idea of keeping pubs and restaurants serving liquor open well after midnight (is that a sigh of relief I see you heave?)

I, for one, would be so grateful if this deadline gets extended. Actually, why have a deadline that ends even before midnight anyway? I see 11:30 as a ridiculous time to be shutting down clubs, a time when most clubs around the world are just opening their doors to guests. To think, even Cinderella had more time than us Bangaloreans to party!

Once known as the 'Pub Capital', Bangalore seems to be quite a let-down for many tourists who expect a late-night party outing when they get to Bangalore. House parties continue to do the round though (if you don't get caught, that is), if legal and do not cause a racket.

For me, my daily work routine starts at 10 and ends late as well. I'd probably like nothing more than to walk into a bar at the end of the day and order my favourite cocktail. Problem: My day doesn't end before 11 and the bar closes at, you guessed it, at 11. It probably affects people like us the most (by us, I mean all those people who NEED the darn drink to cool off).

And all those other times that I do manage to get to a club early, at 11:15, I see these cops who try to 'shoo' us off, and in some cases, even frisk women and beat up men, in order to 'earn' a remuneration for their efforts in 'straightening' the city.

So here's my plea to you, Mr. Mirji (on behalf of hundreds of like-minded Bangaloreans): PLEASE get the clubs in Bangalore to be open late night. Please support policies to get places to play music late night. Please don't let the cops frisk unsuspecting women and beat up men at clubs - partying is not a crime. Please make Bangalore the Pub City it once used to be.


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