Friday, May 27, 2011

To change or not to change?

Change. That's a word many of us resent. A word that makes some cringe. And a word that makes few (very few) actually happy. What is the deal with change?

Take my instance. I'm actually a happy and content soul living with the intricate ups and downs that accompany any normal person's life. Then why on earth do my parents want me to 'change'??? No matter what I do in my house, it hasn't been done right, my sister (or sometimes my maid's 5-year-old son) could have done it better, needs to be criticized, or (only if executed flawlessly, a rarity by itself) is forgotten about. So I conveniently decide not to voluntarily do things around the house, which result in endless "Why are you like this?", "Where have I gone wrong in raising you?" introspective questioning. So why bother change a happy ol' me at all?

Now when we want others to change, that's a totally different thing. I would love to see my college CHANGE and relax the rigid rules, I'd like my friends to CHANGE their annoying habits, I wish my parents would CHANGE and see things from my perspective. This kind of change that swings your way is good. Definitely good.

If change comes from within, after you having realized something and want to work on it, then it's an excellent thing. Like kicking butt. Making time to jog or exercise. Being patient. Abstinence. Okay, I laughed at that too. But you get the picture. The problem is I don't just 'realize' these things. Or my age forms some sort of a filter to make sure I don't. I'm hoping it's the latter.

So unless these inner revelations dawn on me, my guess is that my folks just have to bear with entertaining, indifferent, fun ol' me. Which is probably bad news only to them. I love the way I am. Well, then again there are a few things I'd like to work on. I don't know how to drive, be patient, or talk in a manner without confusing you.

It's tough out there for me too. And just maybe, I am trying to change. Or not.


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