Thursday, June 23, 2011


That's it. One word. That makes every girl in the world happy.

It's inexplicable. How euphoric women get when they hear words like 'Sale', 'Offer', and 'Discount'. Women love to shop, and we can just never have enough of clothes, bags or shoes. Men keep asking us why we 'need' more clothes, when we already have a plethora of them sitting in our closets, apparently gathering dust.

Now, men, read carefully, because I'm about to give you insider information as to why we 'need' more clothes and shoes.

Women LOVE clothes because they make us look fantabulous, feel great and act good. No, really. We have this need to be appreciated all the time, to be flattered, to be showered with attention. And when there's no one around to do that, we have our clothes usurping that position for us. We like to feel cosseted with our clothes, adorned, loved. And trust me, every item of clothing that looks good on us does just that.

Every new garment bought starts a new relationship with a woman. She knows exactly what shoes she'll wear it with, what bag would look great with it, and even how she would ser her hair when she finally wears it. The relationship a woman shares with her clothes is that deep. And so she wants to add as many as she can to her already overflowing closet, but see, there's a secret behind every outfit.

And shoes, where do I begin? There are just so many types of shoes out there that seem so 'us'. And so darn apt for any occasion in our lives. Think about it. One when we feel flirty, one when we feel happy, one when we just, oh, you know. The reason a woman is partial to her shoes is because a good pair of shoes will flatter a woman no matter what - she could be short, fat, gain weight, have bad skin - but her shoes will ALWAYS look good on her. Her shoes could be her soul mate (to many, they are), and she shares a deeper relationship with her shoes.

And finally, to all the men who wanna know why we love big bags. Easy. We love to carry our world around us. We want a bag as BIG as it gets. We want to be able to carry our purse (yes, that's another accessory that goes INTO the bag), our makeup (in different compartments, to avoid any mix-ups), mints (to be kiss-ready), our hair brushes (I don't need to explain this), our iPod (to pretend to listen to music just so that we could overhear your conversations - kidding). We love big bags. Period.

Now, of course, we'll all have those exceptions who carry man-wallets, live in their sneakers, probably believe in having not more than a shelf of clothing.

This post is about the other 97%. NEVER mix the two.

Go. Enlighten the world. You have new-found knowledge to share now :)


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