Monday, December 19, 2011

Harry Potter Forever!

My first love!
I was 11 when my friend Kaustav lent me his Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He passed it to me in Math class - a fat book under the bench whispering "Psst. Here's the book I was telling you about. Read it!" Rolling my eyes, I reluctantly took the book from him. I peered at its cover and found an odd picture of a boy flying on a broomstick. Flying. Thinking this was the male equivalent of Sabrina, I decided to read it later.

The next day, my friend asked me whether I started reading it. Having completely forgotten about it, and not wanting to bum him, I lied and said yes.
Kaustav: "Till where have you reached?"
Me: "Just started to. So you know, the beginning."
Kaustav: "Are you going to read it in Value Ed* class?"
Me: "No, I left the book at home."
Kaustav: "I'm sure you haven't even started reading the book then. Read it. Now."

I stared at him. He knew that I hadn't read the book. That was just odd. Completely nonplussed with his reaction, I went home and started to read it.

Little did I know that this Harry Potter boy and his magical world will walk into my life and never leave.

I couldn't stop reading. I wanted to know more. I skipped lunch. I didn't go out to play. I didn't watch TV. And I didn't do my homework. I just stayed in my room, and read Harry Potter all evening and finished it past midnight. It was the most magical journey I had been on and I wanted more of it.

I went back to Kaustav the next day and begged him frantically to give me the second book. He grinned. (I'm guessing he knew that I had actually read the book by then). I had a painful wait of a whole day till he gave me Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And pretty much, the same thing happened. I went back to him the next day to receive my third dosage of comforting, magical, lively and enchanting Harry Potter. He told me that he only had the first 2 books and he'd been trying for getting the 3rd book for quite sometime, but in vain.
Gryffindor is where I felt I belonged!

I think I experienced my first 'heartbreak' that day. Not over a boy or some stupid crush. But over a book.

3 months later, my friend Ankita managed to loan me Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (her relative had bought it for her from London). The book moved me. Another 6 months later, I manager to get hold of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And, that was the first death that shook me up.

As time passed, I would reread all of the Harry Potter books and eagerly await for the next one to release. I was 19 when I finally finished reading the series (standing in a queue at 4a.m. at Crossword to buy my copy). And while I felt ecstatic that there was going to be no more painful waiting for the books, I was upset that the magical journey may come to an end.

But I could never get enough of Harry Potter. I wanted someone like Ron Weasley to be my best friend. I wanted Hermione Granger to help me make the right decisions. I wanted a friend like Hagrid who would care deeply about me. I wanted to be on first name basis with Albus Dumbledore! :)

Thank you!
The Harry Potter book series was not just a 'book for kids' or a 'fantasy fiction'. The book actually gears you up for life. It teaches you to value friendship, stand up for what you believe in, confronting fears, having each other's back, believe in unconditional love, value people and appreciate them for who they are - lessons that actually help you become a better human being.

For me, the series could never be over. Something about reading anything from a Harry Potter book cheers me up instantly. Lame as that might sound, it's like what people feel when they read a passage from the Holy Bible/Bhagwad Gita/Quran. I found solace in Harry Potter. And more than anything, it made me realize that I should never stop believing.

On behalf of all of us in the wizarding world, just, thank you, J.K. Rowling! Your books have affected all of our lives SO much! :)

*Value Education class in school, supposed to be 'inculcating holistic values' in us.


Pankaj C. said...

thanking J.K. for a wonderful childhood and you for this post..

Agratha Dinakaran said...

I don't think we could ever thank J.K. Rowling enough for introducing us to Harry Potter :)

Anonymous said...

"I found solace in Harry Potter."
My thoughts exactly :)

Agratha Dinakaran said...

It's funny people find it simply amusing when I say that. It's almost as if they don't believe me.

Humaun Kabir said...

Harry Potter is my favorite story. When I get a time, I read the book. Thanks for share the post about Harry Potter.

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