Friday, December 2, 2011

So Viral-very!

Yes, you've heard it. Yes, you've caught yourselves humming to it. Yes, you've sung it out loud. Yes, this Kolaveri is everywhere!

Dhanush's "Why This Kolaveri Di?" is one of the most viral music videos of all time (you know you've hit crazy viral when you're more popular than Lady Gaga, the brand most companies strive to achieve; but more on that later). It earned a million hits in just 5 days of the video being uploaded on You Tube - and it's the first Indian music video to have achieved that feat. Ruddy brilliant, I say (while writing this post, the views on You Tube are currently at 13 million and steadily growing, and it's been exactly 2 weeks since the release of the video). 

The video was released on Nov 17 and I remember 2 of my friends who shared it on their FB wall. I almost wanted to ignore it, till I saw a friends' comment that said "LOL! Unfucking believably funny!". Now if he had left that comment with just "LOL!", I would have ignored it (since 90% of my friends on Facebook LOL for every post, even though I know they barely changed their facial expressions when they viewed the post). The rest of the comment was what piqued my curiosity. Also, since Dhanush almost never turned up in any shared videos on my non-Tamil friends' walls, I decided to click on the link. 

 My first reaction: that's one helluva cool song, but one helluva fake video. Really. It was cool because even though I heard the song only once, I was able to remember most of the lyrics. And, I loved how the English subtitles to the Tamil pronunciations were Cow-u and Now-u. It was fake because Shruti Hassan looked way too pretty and dolled up for being holed up in a studio for a song recording (why was she there in the first place even? She didn't sing, did a good job promising us she'd sing, didn't sing, and Dhanush stole the show to such an extent, that nobody found the need to look at her). Aishwarya looks great and has set her hair well. Anirudh (the music director) is extremely patient with Dhanush and not directing him at all. And, Dhanush looks WAY too happy for a debutante singer in a studio. It all seemed so mismatched.

You have to hand it to Aishwarya though. She's a smart business woman. She had no plans to launch the song as a single, till it was leaked earlier online. When it caught popularity, she decided to capitalize on the opportunity and shoot a behind-the-scenes video a la Akon's Chammak Chalo style (at least that was real. It was, right?). Only that it wasn't actually a behind-the-scenes video, more like an airbrushed version. The funny Tanglish subtitles was a brilliant idea, and tickers of 'Dial 12345 to set as Callerback Tune' was a genius stroke. I should probably take some marketing tips from her. 

 Dhanush said he couldn't fathom the virality and popularity of the song, and said it was absolute nonsense, but many seemed to disagree. The song caught on with youngsters for a variety of reasons - the easy to remember lyrics, the funny subtitles, the songs' supposedly casual demeanour and a large chunk of men empathizing with Dhanush, for apparently they 'instinctively knew' how he felt. Whatever be the reason, it sure did catch on, and how! 

I'm going to end this post with a few comments: 
 Aishwarya R. Dhanush - You're a smart business woman. I'm in absolute awe of you. 
Dhanush - Brilliant song. Brilliant work. But then again, you've always been brilliant. 
Anirudh Ravichander - Great music. You're gonna go big in the Tamil music industry. 
Shruti Hassan - Please get your old nose back. It was the only Kamal Hassan trait you had in you. 

 P.S. I don't hate the Kolaveri song. I've raped the replay button on You Tube! :P
For those who live under a rock and haven't seen the video, here it is (also for those who simply want to listen to it)


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