Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mischief Managed! :)

I love Harry Potter. A lot. And I finally decided to get a tattoo to pay a tribute to the series (laugh all you want - I don't care).

It was a part of my childhood and really helped me value things like friendship, bravery, kindness and made me believe that there still was some good in this world.

Let me not bore you with my Harry Potter obsession anymore (call it geekiness - I still don't care). The Weasley twins were my favourite  in the series and Fred's death broke my heart. So my tattoo is a dedication to Fred Weasley - who will live in our hearts forever. And to the Marauders and Harry; for all the mischief managed.

And that's the end of this short post. I'm done posting about Harry Potter.

For today.

*Mischief Managed*


shooting star said...

thats a nice tattoo!!


Agratha Dinakaran said...

Thanks, Sushmita! :)

Arnab Maity said...

Lovely Tattoo, but I am not sure if people could get the Harry Potter angle from it:)

Agratha Dinakaran said...

Thanks, Arnab. But I don't intend it for Muggles anyway :P
Potterheads would get it and I'm fine with that! :)

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