Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Rape Guide

Rape. One word that sends a chill down every woman’s spine. We know what it is. We know it can happen any time. We know what ‘scenarios and places’ we must avoid to lower our chances of us being assaulted. We’ve dealt with molestation and harassment at least four dozen times in our lives. We’re women. We know. Then why don’t you believe us when we tell you if someone has actually raped us?

"Of course I'm making it up! Why would anyone want to rape ME?"
In just the past eight months, there have been a lot of rape/molestation cases in India that have been brought to light. More importantly, we’ve also learnt the views of politicians and people in power and authority on matters like rape. It was shocking to learn about the Delhi cops who openly said “She asked for it” or “It was consensual, not rape”. And oh, dig this, Sunil Kumar, SHO, Ghazipur adds “In Delhi pubs, you’ll find women who will drink with you and have sex with you. But the day someone uses force, it is rape.” Pity our own police forces don’t know what rape means, huh?

                                              Rape IS forced sexual intercourse, you morons!

"Er, not my fault. Sorry. Media's fault. ALL media's fault. They LET women talk after all."
Not to be outdone, a few days back, Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) leader and former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala backed the view that the marriageable age for girl be lowered to prevent the rising number of rapes in the state. Khap panchayat (community council) leader Sube Singh this week said that the lowering of marriageable age, which is 18 years for girls at present as per law, would help prevent rapes. Not to be outdone, yesterday, a Congress leader from Haryana, Dharamveer Goyat said that “90% of all rapes are consensual and most girls cook up such stories”.

Seriously, are they THAT stupid?

So I wanted to clear the air for all those people who don’t know what rape actually means (including our oh-so-smart prestigious politicians). Also, I’ve busted a few other myths that might help (and added random views wherever necessary).
  1. Rape is forced sexual intercourse. F-O-R-C-E-D. Even if a girl has agreed to get hot and heavy with you and changes her mind last minute, and you decide to have sex with her anyway, it IS rape. Overall, sexual intercourse without her consent/against her will is considered rape.
  2. Sex with a woman who is unconscious//drunkish passed out/fast asleep IS rape. Sexual advances on any woman who is unconscious is NOT okay.
  3. Sex with a girl who is under 16 years of age with or without her consent IS rape.
  4. Women who go to bars, drink and smoke have equal rights as men who do the same. Just because she goes to a bar does NOT mean she asked for it. And certainly does not mean she deserves to get raped.
  5. When a woman gets raped, her ‘virginity’ status must really not come to question and any such virginity test should NOT be required. Why do they have that silly test anyway? (ah, yes, to check if she was a morally dissolute woman or not)
  6. If a rape case is brought to court, questions like “Did you enjoy it?” or “How did it make you feel?” are irrelevant and unnecessary. It’s clear the woman abominated the evil spawn that violated her body and soul. There is NO way in hell she enjoyed the experience.
  7. A woman can wear whatever the hell she wants to. Her attire should make NO difference in case she was a victim of molestation/rape.
  8. If the marriageable age for women becomes 16, chances are the country will get extra populated soon (well, I’m not entirely right on this one). It will NOT lower the rape rate (this, I’m certainly right on).
  9. Rape is the most traumatic event that could happen to a woman. No woman in her right mind would cook up a story on how she got raped (yes, there are always exceptions, I know). When a woman approaches someone for help and registers a complaint on her rape story, for the love of God, please BELIEVE her and take necessary action.
  10. Most importantly, when a rape incident does happen, always, always, always blame the perpetrator, NOT the victim.

Unfortunately, the people sitting in political pedestals in our country have such sexist views on rape and everything related, that no wonder the rape rate is high and women feel unsafe here.

God bless India! (time to make this phrase popular, eh? I’m so tired of hearing ‘God bless America’ in every Hollywood movie!)



Jay Singh said...

Agratha, you have a brought a burning issue to the fore in the post.
Totally mindless activity, it seems people have nothing better to do. The population doesn't seem to be engaged in useful activities and so they have the time to think about committing such inhuman acts.
When will people grow up and understand this internally rather than needing external aids and motivation to do so? A question which needs a lot of thinking and pondering over.
Very good post. Keep it up.



Agratha Dinakaran said...

Thank you, Jay. We need more awareness on these issues in our country, as they're often sidelined.

BlackDaemon said...

You know whats equally worse as girls getting raped? Boys getting raped

Agratha Dinakaran said...

Erm, being raped overall is a highly traumatizing experience, whether it's a boy or a girl. Why are you turning this into a gender thing?

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