Tuesday, September 17, 2013

God bless Miss America!

Yes, we've all been talking about it. It's on the news feeds of our social media pages, and there is no escaping it. Nina Davuluri, an American of Indian descent was crowned Miss America 2014 and some Americans took to Twitter about how upset they were. Let me emphasize on 'some'.

These were some very classy tweets.


This whole story went viral, probably because of Buzzfeed's post. But the number of Indians and Americans both equally upset over this was something to really see. Americans were upset that this is how they were portrayed - racist, bigoted and highly ignorant. The Indians were upset that a beautiful woman of Indian origin was humiliated online.

To be fair, both sides do have a valid argument, but there were some pointers I just wanted to add.

1. Not all Americans are racist and ignorant. These were 20 odd tweets that made the news, but that doesn't represent the entire American population. If we're trying to avoid generalizations, we shouldn't be associating the racist tag with all Americans.

2. My Indian brethren, while it is right that you're upset over Nina Davuluri receiving online hate, do realize that if the Miss India winner was the daughter of Bangladeshi Muslims/Sri Lankan Tamil immigrants, we would be having much worse things than just racist tweets in our country. It's very likely that we'll have a certain party protesting against crowning a Muslim the Miss India title, and there would also be a good chance of the pageant getting boycotted.

3. Also, we all know very well that Nina Davuluri's gorgeous dark skin tone would have served as the first obstacle towards her winning the crown. Since we are a country that are obsessed with fair skin, the poor girl would have been frowned upon in the first round itself. She's not even 'wheatish' which would make her skin tone acceptable to most Indians, but dark. Sorry, Nina. No chance for you here. Unless you're willing to undergo skin bleaching treatments and apply Fair & Lovely five times a day.

4. Let's not hate on America about how intolerant they are. These tweets by some people might make you make that general assumption, but it isn't true. Let's remember that all these racist idiots are only a small part of the country that crowned her Miss America in the first place, respecting her individuality.

5. I am mighty surprised that this show is still watched by many Americans. With all do respect, I thought the fad with beauty pageants ended a decade ago, but I guess that's just me.

 You go, Nina! You're awesome. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

Source: USA Today